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Breakcore and electronica remixes courtesy of Phluxm and Glatze

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“[Meatfeast] recognize the absurdity inherent in extreme musical forms and embrace it”
- Avant-garde

"Mike Patton would be proud"
- Terrorizer Magazine

"Ready to make it big"
- Kerrang! Radio

"Cut n’ paste hardcore with enough humour to wring a smile from the driest of palettes"
- Live & Loud

"Have to be seen to be believed..."
- Stephen Hudyba, Surface Festival

“Awesome... Kids put your parents to bed”
- BBC Radio WM

"A montage of musical musings, barrages of unsculpted noise"
- Kevyn Gammond, MAS records

"Surreal, subversive and wholly inspired"
- Surface Unsigned Magazine

Listed as one of The Best 100 Birmingham Bands of the Decade by Blue Whale Studios


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Sound : Meatfeast are a dark cocktail of absurd ideas, black humour, spasmodic aggression and strong melodies. Difficult to define, they could be considered Progressive / Avant-garde Metal or Post-hardcore. Deliberately drawing in a range of disparate influences within every song : the results are surreal musical montages.

Line-up : Scrote (Vocal), Dr.G (Guitar), El Barón (Guitar), Adam (Bass), El Barítono (Saxophone) and uITgs (Drums).

Influences: Mike Patton, Mr.Bungle, Fantomas, Secret Chiefs 3, Frank Zappa, Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Locust, Death Metal, Black Metal, Contemporary Jazz.

History : Formed in 2005 by guitarist Dr.G and drummer uITgs and originally named Jazz Thrash Assassin, Meatfeast have been delivering their self-styled 'Eclecticore' to audiences across Birmingham and the Black Country in a series of show-stopping and mind-bending live performances at UK events, and on national TV and radio.

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'Hands Like Claws' EP
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feat. 'A Void Can Be Willed' & 'Domestic Violence'
Hand Like Claws EP

'Skin Tucked In, Meatside Out' EP
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- feat. 'Self-inflicted Haircut' & 'Sparrow Mask'
Skin tucked in Meatside out EP

Undomestic Reviolence - The Domestic Violence Remixes
Free MP3 Downloads - by Phluxm and Glatze (AKA Mr.Underwood)

Undomestic Violence EP


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