Welcome to MaggotHouse - an outlet for the creative projects of Ben Neal

Ben is an Artist, Musician and Creative Technologist based in the West Midlands (UK) providing "Noise, Art & Nonsense". His sometimes humorous or noisy performances are innovative, deliberately awkward, and occasionally provocative. His artistic, audio-visual projects frequently revolve around music, and utilise technical skills such as creative coding and gadgets. He has a bad sense of humour, and a taste for the obscure, but is actually quite nice and very normal. He's been described as "a talented and consummate creative force" and "at the cutting edge of technology, education and arts practice". He is an Artist Fellow at Birmingham Open Media.

Ben's work has been exhibited at National Film Theater (London), National Media Museum (Bradford), Vivid Projects (Birmingham), The Public (West Bromwich), Cambridge Junction, Odean Cinema (Dudley), Flatpack Film Festival (Birmingham), Millennium Point (Birmingham), Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham Open Media, Warwick Arts Center and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

His work has appeared as part of festivals in Europe including Sónar (Spain 2006-7), Supersonic (Birmingham 2014-15, 2009), Fierce (2014-15), Artsfest (Birmingham 2009-10, 2004), The Big Chill (Herefordshire 2007), Bath Guitar Festival (2007), Twilight Zone (Greece 2004), Contact Europe (Germany 2004) and AVIT (Leeds 2002, Brighton 2003). He has worked on projects exhibited at Tate Gallery (London), Ikon Gallery (Birmingham) and Birmingham City University.

Contact ben@maggothouse.co.uk